Get*Set*Go 6B4G Tube Amplifier

Get*Set*Go 6B4G Tube Amplifier picture

The Get*Set*Go Is a single ended triode amplifier. It uses a 6SL7 as a driver tube, a 6X5GT rectifier, and 6B4G power triodes. 6B4G is a 2A3 in an octal base and a 6 volt filament. The output transformers are made by Transcendar. The power transformer and choke are Dynaclones. It will come with Sylvania 6B4G's, National Union 6SL7, and an RCA 6AX5GT rectifier. Coupling caps are Russian paper in oil. It sounds wonderful, and has no issues. More information about the amplifier design can be found at: diytubedotcom in the Get*Set*Go forum Thanks for looking.

Click here to see the auction. Currently $475.00.

Get*Set*Go 6B4G Tube Amplifier picture

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